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Must Read Book

What if your hair could talk? Would it thank you for your care and kindness? Or would it rebuke you for the torture you’ve subjected it to?

In this charming story, a head of hair named Natural answers those questions for you. Natural is attached to a girl she considers her Friend, and at first her Friend does what’s best for her. For years, Natural and her Friend play princess games together, believing that they’re beautiful. Then one horrible day, a playground taunt changes everything. Natural is outraged when the children scream, “Nappy head,” but her Friend goes quiet. She’s worried that her curly, frizzy hair is “undesirable” and starts taking steps to “fix” it.

Author Talita Bay created this whimsical parable for all women and girls who’ve felt the need to change their hair to fit in. She thinks it’s high time that hair got a voice of its own!




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